Personal Injury

What You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that (according to have a 90% chance of surviving a crash at 30km/h (19 mph) or less but only a 50% chance at higher speeds? Almost on a daily basis there are reports of pedestrians being hit in accidents around the city. There area lot of factors that are contributors such […]
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What To Do If Your Long-Term Disability Claim Is Denied

It can be tremendously discouraging to hear that your long-term disability claim was denied and many people give up on the idea. However, it is important to know that claim denial is common and it’s important to follow a proper process to possibly change the decision. In this blog we will go through the typical denial process and hopefully […]
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You Got Hit by an Uninsured Driver: Now What?

First things first: everywhere in Canada, car insurance is mandatory – no exceptions! But unfortunately not everyone follows the rules. So if you were hit by an uninsured driver – here are some things you need to know. The good news, if you have insurance, most likely you will have some coverage. You will have […]
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