Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is a severe injury as it has the potential to affect motor functioning ability, reflexes, and sensations. Spinal cord injuries can be categorized in two ways, complete and incomplete. A complete spinal cord injury results in paralysis below the place of injury, where there is no sensations or movement, and both sides of the body are paralyzed. An incomplete spinal cord injury happens when one part of the spinal cord is harmed. An incomplete spinal cord injury can still prompt paralysis, however, these injuries are usually limited.

Due to the variety of spinal cord injuries, every case is different. If you have suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury you could gain feeling back in the area, but could still deal with adversities everyday for the remainder of your life. If you have suffered a complete spinal cord injury you and your family will need assistance rebuilding your lives. This assistance may include a new custom home, custom vehicle, rehabilitation costs, compensation for loss of income, and more. If you or a loved one have experienced a spinal cord injury Eshel Law Firm can help.

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I had the pleasure of working with Tal Eshel when my mother was involved in a serious accident. Tal and her team were true professionals who went above and beyond making sure our needs were taken care of. They helped us in getting all the assistance we needed without any effort on our part, from sourcing suitable PSWs and therapists to final claim settlement. We received fair payout and are very grateful to Tal and her team. We recommend anyone who’s looking for a personal injury lawyer to give Eshel Law Firm a try. You won’t be disappointed! AZ


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When I was at my lowest eshel law firm was there to help me explained everything to me and got me the best settlement they could . The team was very professional and got back to me quickly on all questions I had. PH


Tal was my lawyer when I bought my condo unit. She was thorough, courteous and very professional, explained everything to me and made me feel safe. SA


Tal Eshel is an amazing person and extremely professional, I absolutely praise and strongly recommend her experienced legal advice and professional services. Thank you Eshel Law Firm and wish you much success. TV


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