Bicycle Road Rules And Fines To Know

We already talked about how the pandemic has increased bicycle traffic in the city and the initiatives that are being introduced such as bike lanes all across the region. This also means a lot of people who have not used their bikes in a while are now actively participating. However what we should mention is that there are important rules that apply to cyclists that most people might not be aware of. Lack of knowledge might cost you money in fines and if you get into an accident because you didn’t know the law, you might have negative implications for your case.

So what should you know?

The main thing to remember is that under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA), a bicycle is a vehicle just like your car. Although you cannot receive demerit points on your driver’s license, you should know that many traffic signals are both for cyclist and drivers. Bicyclist should be extra careful especially when it comes to “dooring”. This is when a driver of a car opens their door and hits a cyclist. This can cause many injuries for the cyclist and potential fines and demerit points for the driver.

The most common fines that catch bicyclists by surprise are:

– Brakes – it is important that your brakes are working well as that could cost you money

– Yielding to pedestrians – if you don’t follow this rule, you can get a hefty fine – same as a driver of
a car

– Lights and reflective materials – you have to have a white light in the front of your bicycle and a red or reflective light at the rear

– Horn – you have to have a working bell or horn on your bike

So what happens if you didn’t follow certain precautions and ended up in an accident? Most of the accidents cause more harm to the cyclist than a driver of a car. And although they might argue that you didn’t take certain safety measures, it is important to record all of the details of the accident and consult your Personal Injury lawyer before agreeing to anything. You might still have ground for a case!


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